Where to Buy a Home Carbon Monoxide Detector Online

Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector such as the First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Plug-in Alarm. There I said it. It’s not a matter of  if you need fully functioning detectors in your house, it’s a matter of how many should be installed. I cannot think of a more cost effective safety product […]

Home Improvement Return on Investment

When thinking of home improvements, it’s very natural to go into pure what I call “bean counter mode”. Especially when doing small things around the house, its very easy to see money invested as purely dollars and cents. You are thinking, “Thanks for that gem of wisdom, Mr. Obvious”. I had an experience yesterday that […]

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

It is very possible to painlessly grab savings of approximately 10 to 15% annually on your heating and air conditioning expenses by simply adjusting your thermostat down 10°–15° for eight hours of each day. The downside is that you have to remember to readjust the thermostat every time.  The better alternative is to accomplish  the […]